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This fun, interactive course will enable parents/carers to confidently help and support their children to learn at home in a variety of exciting and engaging ways. It will examine how to make the most of each learning experience, utilising resources already in the home and in nature. Participants will be provided with practical examples and ideas for learning activities and guided through how to establish a productive learning environment whilst being given strategies for dealing with times when children are reluctant to engage with learning. It has been written and developed by two teachers with many years of experience along with a learning team that truly understands how to make learning fun.

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  • Consider how to create an appropriate learning space
  • Learn different ways to timetable and organise home learning
  • Understand the importance of resource planning
  • Learn how to access the literacy and numeracy requirements for your child
  • Consider a range of fun learning projects that incorporate lots of different types of learning
  • Find helpful resources and websites
  • Learn ways to manage home learning within a multi-age household
  • Identify possible issues and consider ways to overcome them

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