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This is a professionally developed, interactive and engaging online training course which examines the implications of the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that became effective on the 25th May 2018 on those working within Clinical Research.

It is suitable for everyone working within clinical trials and also relevant for patients considering taking part in a trial.

There will be no transitional period–now is the time for pharmaceutical companies and CROs to ensure that future clinical trials are compliant.

Companies need to ensure that their internal policies are aligned with the regulations defined in GDPR and have a plan ready to avoid significant penalties for non-compliance, and the cost and impact on trial progress. It is essential to ensure clinical trials are executed to the latest regulatory standards and the highest quality.

This course will provide you with a certificate that you can add to your CV/portfolio to show others that you are up to date with this new regulation. The course includes a handy checklist to check your compliance with the new GDPR.

Learning Objectives



  • Understand what is meant by Data Protection and the privacy principles
  • Gain an understanding of GDPR
  • Understand the implications of GDPR for citizens including data subject rights
  • Understand the implications of GDPR for Clinical Research
  • Discover what you need to do to ensure compliance with the GDPR
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